Dryland Training Starts January 9th

Thursday, January 9th will see the start of intensive dry land training for all Freeriderz athletes at the new Performance Training Center at Winsport. This customized dryland program will be an integral component of our team training and will be vital for continued freestyle success on the ski hill.  This is supplemental training to our regular program.  The cost is being picked up by The Club with no additional cost to our athletes.  All athletes are expected to have 100% attendance.

First Session: Thursday, Jan. 9th- 5:30-7:00

This first session will include fitness testing.  It is mandatory for all athletes to attend. Please arrive at 5:15, with all forms filled out (forms to be e-mailed later).

Weekly sessions: Thursdays from 6:00-7:00, running until March 27th. Please arrive at 5:45 to begin warming up.

  • Please bring proper footwear and athletic clothing to all sessions.
  • Please bring a water bottle to all sessions.

The COP fitness center is located in the Markin MacPhail Centre (where the arenas are). Please enter in the main South entrance, turn right and walk towards the cafeteria. We will meet at the tables in the cafeteria area at 5:15 on January 9th.

Get ready for some sore muscles.  See you there!