Showdown Throwdown Hoedown - Silverstar, March 28-30

What an incredible hill and comp at Silverstar! Despite two days of rain in the forecast, the snow and sun gods were with us, the weather cooperated and and we showed really well. Three of our four amateurs made it through finals taking the 6th, 7th and 8th place of a total 39 athletes. Way to go Willy, Hazen and Hayden.   Four of our boys made the pro finals landing our two top performers in 6th and 8th. Congrats Colin B, Colin H., Austin and Brayden.

Such a cool ski resort!  Great inspiration from Paralympian Josh Dueck, super accommodations, awesome athletes (er, albeit somewhat messy) and lots of good laughs.  27 of us in two houses … perfect.

Thanks for feeding the brood Nicole!

Congratulations all.  You were just awesome!